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CyberMint Monday: Shop with Bosworth, Bilson, and Both Olsens

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Fancy spending Cyber Monday with some of your favorite fashionable stars? Thanks to forward-thinking e-commerce platform BeachMint, you can. The parent company behind Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter's JewelMint, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's StyleMint, Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez's ShoeMint, and Jessica Simpson's BeautyMint is set to launch their first-ever CyberMint Monday tomorrow at 10 am.

The livestreamed home-shopping event, which will air on Facebook, includes exclusive interviews with Bilson, Bosworth, and the Olsens, during which viewers can click and purchase pieces designed by the A-listers themselves. The two-hour-long program will be packed with special promotions and deals on StyleMint's classic tees, JewelMint's costume gems, and ShoeMint's brand-new line of pumps and booties—plus, the company's promised a handful of surprise guest appearances. And the whole virtual event will be hosted by WhoWhatWear's Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, meaning you'll get an editorial take on all those goods up for grabs.

Visit StyleMint.tv for more info on CyberMint Monday—and to reserve your own spot for tomorrow morning!

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