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Face to Face With Donatella Versace: I Die


Last night, we spent a little time with designer/fashion celebrity Donatella Versace—in town to celebrate the launch of her mind-blowing, wallet-saving collection for H&M—as well as a slew of other bright-shining celebs who made the trek to a warehouse on Manhattan's Hudson River for a runway show, crazy concert and shopping preview.

"Versace means glamor in Italian," said Donatella. Lovers of the brand and H&M alike are psyched that she's quite literally sharing the glitz, with prices started at $29.99 and topping off at around $300.

Despite the fact that H&M was tasked with reinventing Verace's immaculately-studded dresses, skirts and leather jackets—as well as its colorful signature prints—for a sliver of the original price, the fast fashion brand's Creative Director Margareta van den Bosch said the process went smoothly. "We can do anything. We're H&M," she told us, and she's not wrong. The palm tree prints and bright leopard print mini jackets look like they could be straight out of Donatella's own closet.

Speaking of closets, we asked Nicki Minaj—who, along with Prince, performed following the spectacular runway show—if there was a closet staple she believes every woman should own. "A push-up bra," she sassily told us. After last night, she'll have some Versace print corsets to wear in place of those push-ups.

And the question we always like to ask: If Versace was an ice cream flavor, what would it be? "Green Mint," said Donatella. As for the chocolate chips, she didn't specify. But we have a feeling there'd probably be some of those in there, too.

All of this amazingness hits stores November 19 and prices range from $20-$300. NOT BAD! Race you to H&M?

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