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Fancy Lady Cocktail Party...in a Perfume

There was a truck parked outside of our building the other day, doling out samples of bourbon-filled desserts and drinks. While I will not name names, I could smell it on people. It made me think of the countless subway rides I’ve spent next to some slick businessman who had too many red-bull-vodkas the night before, or worse—too many gin and tonics. And although the base of this adorable, bow-tie-wearing fragrance actually is gin—a liquor that will totally give you away after three rounds— I could douse myself with it endlessly and not feel a single tinge of hangover. That’s because the juniper berry (what gin is made from) is mixed up beautifully with cinnamon, cardamom, leather, black pepper, brown sugar, vetiver (a.k.a. my favorite fragrance note of all time) and just a bit of orange brandy. The effect: a hint of fancy-lady cocktail (just one).


*Speaking of fancy lady cocktails, I strongly urge you to watch the PBS/Ken Burns Prohibition documentary if you haven’t already. It’s full of interesting tidbits about drinking/not drinking, feminism, and the incredibly fascinating New Yorker columnist Lois Long.

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