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Ferragamo To Showcase Some of Marilyn Monroe's Favorite Pairs

Like this month's much-hyped My Week with Marilyn, many attempts have been made to demystify Marilyn Monroe. But more likely than not, these projects approach Monroe with perspectives so wide they become convoluted, leaving us more confused about the enigmatic actress than before.

With that in mind, Ferragamo will sponsor a Marilyn Monroe exhibit that's nothing if not tightly-focused, highlighting 14 pairs of the house's shoes once worn or purchased by the screen siren.

Running January 2012 to June 2013 at Florence's Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, the retrospective will be complemented by costumes Monroe wore as well as artworks depicting her.

But it's the use of Monroe's shoes as a narrative device that we truly, truly love. After all, a woman's eyes may be the window to her soul, but her shoe collection? That's the way she wants the world to see her. And what could be more telling than that?

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