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Ford Almighty: I Met Tom Ford and he Loved My Zara Dress (Really!)

Bergdorf Goodman

As a fashion writer, there are certain events and opportunities that you never, ever turn down. Anything involving Tom Ford definitely falls into that category. So when I learned that the maestro of Studio 54-sexy gowns, creator of the ultimate crimson lipstick and visionary filmmaker (A Single Man was the best film of 2009, after all) would be making a rare personal appearance at Bergdorf Goodman yesterday, I was out the door before you could say "Black Orchid."

And yes, while his signature (and first) fragrance was proudly displayed on the sales floor, we were really there to celebrate the launch of Tom Ford Beauty, his complete beauty collection. We glimpsed new shades of Ford's beautifully-packaged lipsticks, a smattering of nail polishes (with delicious names like "Bitter Bitch" and "Bordeaux Lust"), and even a skincare range. Meanwhile, Ford fans lined up in droves to have their new purchases autographed by the man himself.

The meet-and-greet portion of the event was as T.F. as it gets—a polished, perfectly-executed process. A trio of gorgeous boys was on standby to accept each guest's coat and bag before she was afforded the chance to chat with Tom, who looked dapper as always in a tuxedo and gold cufflinks.

Ever the picture of politeness, the designer complimented my dress as we shook hands ("Uh, thanks! Zara!"), then deemed the perfume I handed over for him to sign, Jasmin Rouge, one of his favorites. "Well, does that mean that you wear it too?" I asked, somewhat stupidly. "It's beautiful, but a little too soft for me," he said. "I really love Tobacco Vanille, personally. It's a bit more masculine, more me."

"Well," I said, "a little femininity never hurt anyone." I can now officially say that I've made Tom Ford crack up. Item duly crossed off my fashion bucket list.

Check out Tom Ford Beauty in full at Bergdorf Goodman.

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