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From the LSC: Your Other Other Coat

Winter is coming. Not in the Game of Thrones sense, but in the "oooh, coats" sense. And while we fully support making a big investment on a fall or winter coat, let's not overlook what you already own. We were particularly intrigued by Lynzy of Sparkling Footsteps' approach to outerwear for fall. She took a heavy chunky cardigan that she picked up at Lucky Shops (p.s., we're doing a Lucky Shops in the Time Warner Center on Black Friday) and wore it as a coat. Now, granted, this is a big sweater, but it's a great alternative for those clear chilly-but-not-cold days. Also, knits like Lynzy's Milly sweater can get very playful with pattern, which adds a nice layer to the overall look. Well done!

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