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Gaga's Workshop Yo Yo

Light-up yo-yo=hours of entertainment.

Gaga's Workshop Playing Cards

Go fish!

Gaga's Workshop Cuff

This cuff is the brainchild of Gaga and Pamela Love, and also doubles as a self-defense apparatus.

Gaga's Workshop Leather Jacket

The quintessential biker silhouette manufactured by one of our favorite Made in the USA labels.

Gaga's Workshop Stocking

Imagine you're Old St. Nick and you waddle down the chimney and you see this hanging above the fireplace. Do you just fill it with any average toy? No. You dance with Rudolph and fill it with awesome stuff because baby, you're Santa and you were born that way.

Gaga's Workshop Notebook

Your little recipient will be the envy of every seventh grader in school.

Gaga's Workshop Chocolate Shoe

So, this is a giant chocolate Alexander McQueen shoe. End of story.

Gaga's Workshop Studded Headband/Sunglasses

I actually tried these on. Not necessarily my style, but like the Pamela Love cuff, they can be used for self-defense. If you do use them as sunglasses, please don't drive or operate heavy machinery.