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How Much is Too Much to Pay for a Winter Coat?

I did something kind of crazy this weekend. Something so crazy I don't really want to talk about it. I spent a TON of money on a winter coat. Like, more than I've ever spent on a piece of clothing.

The Yves Salomon Army Coat—lined with rabbit fur—is available at Opening Ceremony for—gulp, gulp, gulp—$1,555.

Last fall I tried on the same exact style, but didn't go through with the transaction. I never did get that super-warm coat I was looking for, because nothing compared to the Yves.

Why go ahead and buy it in 2011? I still love it, even after a year of contemplation. And I've been careful with money as of late. I even paid off my credit card in full. These factors made it easier to slap down my Amex on Saturday afternoon, my husband waiting patiently. (And, I might add, without judgment. Well, not that much judgement.)

So, was it worth spending my entire winter clothing budget? I think so. Not only will this coat keep me warm, but it'll also keep me comfortable. And since I've wanted it for over a year, I feel like, in a way, I've earned its keep.

Yet the price is still embarrassing for me to say aloud. Why is that? Well, my grandmother always said it wasn't right to talk about money. I suppose I still occasionally feel that way, even though I'm not shy about my husband's tech purchases. Or our latest kitchen gadget.

Practical clothing deserves the same respect. So listen, EVERYONE. I SPENT OVER $1,000 ON A WINTER COAT.

What about you? Do you think I'm seriously nuts? Or would you spend a hefty amount of cash on a piece of clothing you know you'll love forever?

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