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In Defense of Expensive Tights

Pre-coffee, my brain bypasses things–like giant plywood edges jutting into the sidewalk (oops). But while I'll soon be sporting a nice kiwi-shaped bruise from my morning commute, you won't be able to see it...at least, not until I take my tights off.

You see, surveying the aftermath from my run-in jolted me even harder than that splintery edge did. I've ripped tights by putting them on, taking them off and simply by breathing. But these Wolford ones I'm wearing? They're chainmail. Such a relief, since when I dropped $50 for them I felt like I might as well be buying precious metal.

Instead of snagging the way my $9.99 drugstore ones would, my new fancy tights just pilled a teeny, tiny bit. (See my snapshot above. You'll have to search Where's Waldo-style for the damage. If you can even call it that.)

Buying $50 tights felt incredibly luxurious at the time, if not a bit silly. But now I see it was a choice way more functional than flippant. With damage-proof capabilities like this, they'll last me all winter... and probably on to the next. And in that time, there's no telling how many scaffoldings I'd walk into, how many stray fingernails would catch and how many $10 drugstore pairs I'd go through.

Below, some of my favorite pairs of totally-worth-it tights:

Even though I bought a twin pack for convenience, a single pair could last me all winter.

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