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J Brand and Christopher Kane Launch Their Collection at—Where Else?—Barneys New York

Before Barneys opened this morning, I had several miniature cappuccinos and a bowl of oatmeal with Christopher Kane and J.Brand founder, Jeff Rudes, on the Co-op floor. Talking about beating the crowds!

But I wasn’t there to shop (seriously, I’m relieved the registers weren’t open—I wouldn’t have been able to contain myself). We were there to discuss the brands' 2012 Resort collaboration, which marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between the two. Innovative and expertly tailored clothes meets fashion’s denim experts: this pairing was bound to yield some incredible results.

"J Brand is the ‘go to’ company for the fashion denim, so I could not think of anyone better to work with on this," said Kane. "Collaborating with them enabled me to work with neon bright denim, as well as classic washes, to offer something different that complemented my resort line. The collection was so much wider this season and I think that the denim worked perfectly.”

Rudes emphasized the collection's value. (While it's cheaper than a $2,000+ Christopher Kane dresses, prices still start at around $225 and top off at $408.) “The jeans will always be really well priced for what they are," he said. "We want to give that value to the customer. Both Christopher and Tammy [Kane's sister and business partner] were also completely for that.”

The orignal fit jeans and denim jackets are done in an array of shockingly bright, but perfect neons along with black, white and vintage denim washes for those that want to keep it old-school. They're available in-store at Barneys and Jbrandjeans.com right now.

After viewing the collection, I got to hear a little bit more about Christopher, the man. (Who is completely charming, by the way.) He loves watching True Blood, reading fashion blogs and shopping in NYC.

Even though it was way too early for ice cream, I had to ask what flavors each brand would be. Christopher said “exotic fruit sorbet” and Jeff said “coconut ice cream.” Which proves the two really do see eye-to-eye—that sure would make for one yummy double scoop cone. Jeff added that a friend once told him, "good friends are better than ice cream." And I'll add to that an original quote of my own: Friends that wear neon denim together, stay together.

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