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Like Free Stuff? Then You'll Love Shopularity


Everybody's got that one special something...that fashion find, beauty cure-all or gotta-have-it gadget they can't stop obsessing about. Often, the infatuation grows to the point where everyone in said person's circle knows about the object of their pal's affections, too—perhaps to the point of annoyance.

With this idea in mind, new giveaway site Shopularity aims to create a viral marketing machine using a democratic popularity contest as its model. By rewarding fans of particular products with the items they're coveting, the site hopes to eliminate the random drawings and (let's face it) the usual sketchiness that surrounds most e-contests you read about today (Except for Lucky's, of course, because Lucky's are awesome. I mean, we're giving away a CAR). The process is simple: contestants and super-fans are required to sign in via Facebook or Twitter for security purposes, after which their friends (and random visitors) can support their enthusiasm for a specific item up for grabs via voting. And in the end, he or she who earns the most votes snags their much-obsessed-over object.

Friends, I hope you're listening, because I'd really like to (finally) get my hands on that Hermès Clic-Clac bracelet. Hint, hint.

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