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Loulou the Legend: A Tribute to Late YSL Muse Loulou de la Falaise

Loulou de la Falaise wore many hats throughout her 64-year-long life—both literally and figuratively. As Yves Saint Laurent's lifelong muse and a respected designer in her own right, de la Falaise was celebrated for her eclectic bohemian-glam style sense, model-beautiful looks,and radiant smile.

Beginning in 1972, she spent three decades designing accessories for Saint Laurent, bringing the same sort of chunky costume gems she herself favored to the iconic French fashion house. At the same time, de la Falaise inspired many of Saint Laurent's own ready-to-wear and couture creations, with her love for classic suiting and ethnic extras informing many of her then-boss' designs. After YSL stepped down from the house he built in the early Aughts, de la Falaise went on to launch her own collection in 2003 and also worked on accessories for both Oscar de la Renta and the Home Shopping Network.

She passed away at home in France on Saturday, November 5, but will forever be remembered for her incredible influence on the house of Yves Saint Laurent—and on the fashion industry as a whole. Take a look at some of de la Falaise's unforgettable style moments in the slideshow below.

The picture of veiled elegance in 1969.

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