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Lucky Haul: Barneys Blowout

Let's start by saying I never told any of you I was a responsible spender.

Good, that's clear.

I was a bit overzealous this weekend on a trip to the re-launched CO-OP at Barneys. I really just went to buy one thing but walked out with four. Go ahead and tell me the two jackets I bought are similar, I've already had this discussion with a fellow editor, my mother, my father, my dog, the crazy guy that delivers my pizza and myself. But in my heart, I know they're completely different.

Acquisition, the first: APC Bomber Jacket with Fur Collar, $495

Purchase, the second: APC New Standard Jeans, $175

Cardinal sweater, why wouldn't I buy this? Gant by Michael Bastian, $200 (gift for brother)

Jacket, another grey: Iro, $735

All in all, I spent a lot, but each of these things is a really solid investment. When you do the cost per wear, I basically am making money off of each one.

That's not true, but it helps me sleep at night.

And in the words of Joy Behar, "so what, who cares?"

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