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Lucky Haul, Black Friday Edition: Sweaterdress is a Better Dress

So here's the thing: living in New York City, you get pretty spoiled when it comes to shopping. Throughout all four years of college at NYU, I lived either around the corner or on the same block as an Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, J.Crew, or (perhaps most dangerously) Barneys Co-op. That said, whenever I fly home to Miami Beach for a couple of days, shopping—of the high-octane, no-budgets-barred variety—isn't typically at the top of my agenda. All that changed, however, when Miami's Lincoln Road opened a Madewell location earlier this year.

I'm a major sucker for the label, so when Black Friday rolled around, I couldn't pass up a trip to the South Beach outpost of my favorite preppy retailer with my family in tow. Sweaterdresses were marked down from an already-reasonable $98 to about $79 each, so I grabbed a zipped-pocket version in cherry-red angora. Meanwhile, my mom and sister went crazy in the accessories department, the former stocking up on majorly-discounted brass bangles and the latter picking a pretty scarf for a friend's birthday.

It may not have been the sort of stampeding, kicking-and-screaming Black Friday shopping experience millions experienced over the weekend, but I left having snagged a super-cozy new dress and a really good deal. Pick up a similar sweaterdress online today

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