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Lucky Haul: Snake Charmer

Natalie Matthews

Digital Fashion Writer

Whenever I call my best friend, "Snake" shows up on the caller ID. The etymology’s hazy, but the moniker’s as firm as ever. "Snake," and more specifically "Nattlesnake," are my nicknames. They're even sewn on my Nike ID sneakers.

Coupled with my penchant for animal motifs (hi, Balenciaga dog sweater), this silly nickname can seriously steer my fashion chocies. If I see something snake print or snake-shaped, I want it. It's my way of peppering a little personal wink into my outfit (plus, it makes my friends laugh).

As a serpentine collector, I kind of thought I'd seen it all. Until last week, that is, when I found an Alex Monroe charm necklace that totally breaks from the snake jewelry norm.

It's not a bold, sexy, Roberto Cavalli-esque thing to pair with a cocktail dress for a big night out. Instead, it's an everyday piece that's subtle and almost-sweet. That surprising delicateness might just be the loveable thing about it....and also the most subversive.

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