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Marilyn Monroe's Secret: 'Innocence, Intelligence and a Sexuality at the Same Time'

If you happen to be in New York City this week, schedule an hour to swing by the Meatpacking District. From November 10 to 12, Milk Gallery will be hosting "Picturing Marilyn," a photo exhibit featuring unseen shots of Marilyn Monroe.

Besides 62 pictures of the legendary star, there will be a screening of My Week with Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams. Also on display: an exact replica, created by Dior, of the backless dress Monroe wore during her famous "The Last Sitting" shoot.

Since we've been gearing up to see Michelle Williams' new flick for a while now, this show could not come at a better time—not that there is ever a bad time for images of Marilyn Monroe. What is it about this actress, 50 years after her death, that still fascinates us?

Harvey Weinstein, a collaborator on the exhibit, thinks it'is a combination of three traits. “She had an innocence, an intelligence and a sexuality at the same time. It’s like an alchemist’s dream. There’s three chemicals going on at once," he told WWD. "Some people have two—they’re smart and sexy; some people are innocent and smart. Hers is a three-way combination that just knocks you out because, just when you say she’s naive, she’s brilliant. They asked her, ‘When you go to sleep what do you have on?’ She said, ‘The only thing I have on when I go to sleep is the radio.’ So I mean, that’s the wit.”

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