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Michael Kors Bags a Brand-New Facebook Campaign

Courtesy of Michael Kors

In what may be the ultimate marriage of blogs and bags, all-American designer Michael Kors has added a street-style feature to his brand's Facebook page. Bag Alert has partnered with some of the industry's favorite shutterbugs such as Altamira's Craig Arend, showcasing their local snapshots of stylish ladies carrying Kors' handbags. One week after each rotating blogger's work is posted, fans can enter to win their own carryalls from MICHAEL Michael Kors' holiday collection by voting on their favorite photo.

At the end of 2011, each photographer's most-liked snapshot will be uploaded to a new gallery, where a final favorite will be selected via a separate voting period. The winning street-style blogger will not only earn a cash prize toward the charity of their choice, but also a 2012 feature on Destination Kors, the label's online lifestyle site.

We love how Michael's making use of his active Facebook community and diving deeper into the digital realm. Carry on, Mr. Kors!

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