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Mulberry's New Batch of Bags

Mulberry just started selling their latest bag, the "Evelina," this week. Like the rest of Mulberry's catalog, the "Evelina" isn't an "it" bag. Which isn't to say it's not covetable, just that it doesn't scream its name and designer from a block away.

Instead, the "Evelina" is quiet, pretty and perfectly simple. No matter how many celebrites carry it (and we predict many, like Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth, will), it won't overshadow them in tabloid snaps, inciting a feverish rush to buy the same statement-making bag.

Available in satchel, large satchel or hobo form, the "Evelina" may only be recognizable to those who know Mulberry and its hallmarks, like that tiny tree logo. But the clean good looks? Yah, they're recognizable to everyone.

Click through below for some of our favorite renderings. And shop them here.

Chalky green makes an unexpected alternative to standard neutrals.

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