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Oscar de la Renta Has a Nice Ring To It

Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

The kid in me will forever favor a thing that also does another thing, like this E'sprit D'Oscar Solid Perfume Ring by Oscar de la Renta. This very pretty translucent flower with a perfume solid hidden away inside is the latest addition to Oscar's jewelry collection and was featured in his Spring 2012 runway show. Since my life is pretty much running from one VERY important function to the next, not having to carry around a mini perfume bottle and not having to worry about my signature scent fading are two incredibly convenient developments.

So if you smell something delightfully fragrant when I pass by, it's just me and my Oscar de la Renta ring. You should buy one, too! The ring is available right now exclusively on the Oscar de la Renta Facebook page.

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