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Pippa Middleton Spills Her Tips for a Perfect Christmas


Also on Pippa's holiday to-do list? Ice skating, apparently.

Looking to transform your usual yuletide fête into a perfectly royal affair? Good news! Kate Middleton (sorry, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge)'s little sister wants to show you the tinsel-wrapped ropes.

In The Party Times, the new online magazine from the team behind Party Pieces (that'd be the Middleton clan, FYI), Pippa shares her top 10 tips for the ultimate holiday shindig. And while some of the royal sibling's suggestions are a little farfetched for us—we're not sure we have enough "fairy lights" or LED-illuminated balloons to satisfy Pippa's requirements—others are completely doable. Who doesn't long for a little homemade apple cider or DIY'd gingerbread house come December?

Below, check out our condensed rendition of Pippa's tips!

1. First impressions are key, so make your environment welcoming with berry wreaths, tea lights, snowflake cutouts, and red-and-green paper chains.

2. Make that Christmas tree a showstopper by tricking it out with personalized ornaments.

3. Indulge that yuletide sweet tooth! Christmas cookie cutter sets provide hours of fun for the whole family, plus those homemade baked goods serve as perfect party favors.

4. Bake and decorate a traditional gingerbread house.

5. Make sure you've got Christmas-themed tablecloths, napkins, placemats, and napkin holders. You can't go overboard when it comes to the holidays!

6. Whip up a batch of homemade hot chocolate or apple cider. YUM.

7. Illuminate the season with strands of festive fairy lights and votive candles.

8. In terms of picking presents, go digital (a tip we at Lucky certainly appreciate!). Pick up gifts online to streamline your shopping list.

9. Wrap all gifts in advance, and make 'em pretty with holiday-themed ribbons, bows, and wrapping paper.

10. Don't procrastinate! The more holiday party prep you can do ahead of time, the better. Give yourself extra time to get stuff done (cooking, card-writing, etc.) so you can enjoy yourself come party time!

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