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Queen Elizabeth: Major Fashion Influencer?

Fairfax Media via Getty Images

Way before Kate's high street dresses and Pippa's short hemlines, another royal figure captivated fashion media. (No, we're not talking about Grace Kelly, although, yes, she was awesome, too). 

Over the weekend we went vintage newspaper sifting–not as much fun as vintage dress shopping, but almost–and found this Pittsburgh Press piece heralding young Queen Elizabeth II's style.

Written nearly 50 years ago, the fanfare's eerily similar to today's Middleton madness. Stressing the elegance of the Queen's choices like "princess lines and bouffant evening skirts," it forecasts her conservative style as a "boon to women's wardrobes" in America. Seems a little bit like the hoopla over Kate and Pippa's nude pantyhose, tailored coats and ladylike brooches, no?

But regardless of the conservative, ladylike shift the Queen may have incited years ago, we're kind of digging Her Majesty's outfits now. A lot of 85-year olds can carry elegant ensembles, but bright colors and bold hats? She's a master.

[Pittsburgh Press]

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