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Sexy Hair: How They Do It At Victoria’s Secret

Marion Curtis

The one thing that might have been better than watching the Victoria’s Secret Angels stalk down the runway was observing their gorgeous, voluminously cascading, tousled hair bounce around, in what seemed like slow-motion.

After a hip-swinging, kiss-blowing sojourn to the tip of the runway, each girl would pause, allow a slow, provocative smile to materialize across her face, and cast her glance into the volley of flashbulbs—their bursts flaring up so rapidly that collectively they resembled a strobe light—all while her luxurious hair blew out behind (courtesy of a very powerful, strategically hidden fan).

It was fantasy hair—the kind you wish you had when you run into someone you want to make an impression on—and it was stunning. Orlando Pita and twenty-one hairstylists created the look for the thirty-eight Angels with Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Style Clean & Go Dry Shampoo (for immense volume and silky texture) and Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Style Brilliant & Glossy Shine Mist.

*The show airs November 29 on CBS.

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