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Snap Poll: Who Do You Dress For?

Fairchild Archive

While Anne Hathaway told WWD she dresses to impress her "most fashionable friends," our December cover girl Jessica Simpson told Harper's Bazaar she dresses "for men." Presumably, these are dueling sides of one debate. But do they need to be?

Maybe not. You see, my answer to the age-old question of who to dress for—men or other women—is neither. Instead, I dress for a total stranger, J.Crew's creative director Jenna Lyons. The girl's an expert at resolutely eclectic looks that offer something for everyone. (See left: classic red lip and black pumps turn her denim tuxedo a little flirty. Swoon.)

Consequently, getting dressed has become an exercise in selective hearing for me. Whether I’m with my best friend ("love the camo jacket!") or my boyfriend ("sweet Spice Girl oufit") I have to tune it out. Instead, I just think "WWJD?"—well, my own version.

Imagining Jenna judging my outfit is the only way I can balance tricky trends and ladylike classics without veering too far in one direction. And occasionally, when I do it right, I nab an outfit that pleases both my harem-pant-wearing friends and my Betty-Draper-loving boyfriend.

But what about you? How do you juggle the urge to impress your most fashionable friends and the opposite sex? And who wins out?

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