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Stella McCartney's Mommy and Me Horse Print

There's nothing precious or schmaltzy about Stella McCartney's latest "mommy and me" offerings, which is exactly what makes them so adorable.

The horse print on tees and sweatshirts is eye-catching but not fussy, yielding kids outfits more rock n roll than saccharine sweet. It's the kind of thing we imagine on Gwen Stefani or Kate Moss' tykes, like teeny leather jackets or motorcycle jeans.

While the full kids range isn't available until January, the women's tank at left is in stores now, which is actually kinda perfect. Build your favorite outfits with the adult version this month and come January, you'll have a dozen templates to transfer on to your little one.

Peep the full kids range below (how amazing are the onesies?) and buy yours here.

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