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Versace x H&M Hit the States This Weekend—Did You Wait In Line?

The Versace for H&M madness reached an apex Saturday morning, when the collection finally dropped in US stores. Chasing a week of international frenzy (Not only did the clothes immediately sell out in Europe and Asia, but WWD reports they actually caused fisticuffs amongst Chinese fans in Bejiing), Americans proved just as excited to shop the lower priced designer line.

Racked reports that a line formed at the H&M 5th Ave flagship around 4:30 am; the first woman in the queue had been waiting for over 22 hours. The highest reported sale was for $9,000—quite a feat when you remember nothing costs more than $300. Although certain stores were more sedate than others (a Lucky staffer was able to get into the SoHo store without any wait!), pieces consistently flew off the racks.

For those who chose sleeping in and a late pancake breakfast over jostling through crowds at dawn, there are still methods to scoring a piece or two. Try to consistly check H&M locations over the next couple of weeks; there will be lots of returns to sift through! Also, everything should be up on eBay at this point, but be warned: each item will cost much more than its original retail price (consider the inflation as a "line-waiting in the cold" fee to the seller).

Did you buy anything from the Versace for H&M collection this weekend? What did you get and how crazy was your experience? Please share your stories with us in the comments below!

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