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Versace x H&M: The Runway Show

The scene: A glammed-up warehouse on Manhattan's West Side Highway, filled with pretty much every celebrity ever: Sofia Coppola, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Chloe Moretz, Nicki Minaj, Prince, Chase Crawford, random Gossip Girl cast members....

The Clothes: We've seen them before, but not on the flesh of Lindsey Wixson and co. H&M always makes great fast fashion designer pieces, but this collection is particularly on the mark. There are throwback '90s prints in bright colors, plenty of glitzy studs and enough gold buttons to make Elizabeth Hurley jealous of your new goods.

What You'll Be Buying on November 19: The gold lame dress—kind of the perfect New Year's frock—a pleated palm tree skirt and tons of men's button downs.

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fashion show
fashion show