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What to Buy the Twitter-Obsessed

Sometimes I get angry on twitter.

I spend a good deal of my day on Twitter. So much that my thoughts are now formed in 140 characters and I feel uneasy when away from my phone. Yes, I realize this is somewhat concerning to my participation in the human race, but I can't help it.

If you know somebody with similar symptoms, I've got the perfect gift for them. Somewhere in my Tweetvels (that's Twitter travels—actually, no, it's not, forget I ever said that), I stumbled upon a website that will turn all your tweets into a book. You pick the title, and it compiles an index of @replies, hashtags and common words along with as many tweets as possible. My book, which topped out at 265 pages, held two months' worth of Twisdom (that's Twitter wisdom—oh, you know what, forget I said that too). The whole thing cost under $26 with shipping and is perfect for the social media manager, blogger or activist in your life.

Visit Ether-Press to get started—all you need is their Twitter handle and you're in business.

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