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Cold brew is the preferred method for many avid coffee drinkers. Like iced tea, it sets up in the refrigerator. This set by Bodum includes a matching lid for easy storage.


For those who like their morning cup to slap them in the face, Stumptown Coffee Roaster's Hair Bender Blend is an espresso with character—and it comes packaged in this limited edition jar.


Keep the counter free of coffee grounds: this dispenser doses a tablespoon at a time directly into the filter.


If your coffee-lover prefers a low-fi method of brewing, perhaps they should join the cult of Chemex. The open cone shape allows for a slow, controlled steep. Plus, the leather and wood accents look rustic on the kitchen counter.


If you need to grind coffee at home, a burr grinder is best for getting a uniform result. This one by Capresso is sturdy and reasonably priced.


These colorful bowls are perfect for a French style latte breakfast of croissants and milky cafe au laits.


For the truly obessed: Learn how to make latte art from the pros at Seattle's Espresso Vivace with this 20 minute DVD.


Sometimes a caffeine addict needs a fix without having to brew a whole cup of coffee.


Courtesy of a collaboration between Spain's premier film director Pedro Almodóvar and Illy, this set of espresso demitasses demonstrates a dramatic flair.


Serious foam: the quality that separates the dedicated home barista from the amateurs. This automatic frother blends as it aerates so your bubbles will be beautifully uniform. All you have to do is plug it in.