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Coco for a Cause: Shop the Supermodel's Charitable Jewelry Collection for Senhoa Today

In addition to being one of the industry's top catwalkers, a prolific blogger and a sometime clothing designer, Coco Rocha's now added both "philanthropist" and "jeweler" to her extensive resumé. Starting today, her seven-piece capsule collection for charitable accessories line Senhoa (say it: "Suh-NO-uh") is available for purchase.

Senhoa strives to end human trafficking by teaching Cambodian women and children (many survivors of slave trade themselves) to hand-craft and sell their own exquisite jewelry. In turn, 100% of their proceeds help fund community development projects in Cambodia. Rocha first learned of the brand's mission after being gifted one of the its bracelets just before her June 2010 nuptials, and immediately decided to lend a hand to the cause. The beautiful, bejeweled results of her collaboration retail for well under $200 (with many pieces under $100). Click here to shop the gems for yourselves and be sure to check out the line's campaign, starring Coco alongside fellow supes like Caroline Trentini and Iman.

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