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Deschanel Doubletake: Visual Proof That Zooey’s Off-Screen Style is Just Like Her On-Screen Style

Doesn't it seem like the best—or at least most loved—actors always bring some bit of their own personality to their roles? Audrey Hepburn was just so Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe was just so Marilyn. And many of today's biggest stars, from Tom Hanks (always comes off as so damn nice) to Jennifer Aniston (ever so girl-next-door relatable) just have that thing where you feel like you're watching them, even as they transform into other characters.

The same can certainly be said of Lucky fave, Zooey Deschanel. Though she balks at being the poster girl for quirky, there's something appeallingly, shall we say, offbeat about her, whether on or off camera. And directors have certainly taken note. She's constantly cast as the girl who's a little...different. And really, can you imagine anyone else puling off her dorky/adorable role in The New Girl? Plus, in Zooey's case it's often not only her charming personality that shines through on screen, but her distinctive personal style, too. Click through for the evidence!

Flower Power

The left? Zooey in 500 Days of Summer,  which solidifed her status as reigning indie it girl. The right? The actress embracing blue florals, again, at a party at the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City.

L: Everett Collection, R: WireImage

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