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Flower Power

The left? Zooey in 500 Days of Summer,  which solidifed her status as reigning indie it girl. The right? The actress embracing blue florals, again, at a party at the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City.

Lady in Red

In her breakout performance in 2000's Almost Famous as a put-upon teen with a uptight, rock 'n' roll-loathing mom (watch the scene here), Zooey owned this retro-fab Pacific Southwest Airlines stewardess outfit. Six years later at the Teen Choice Awards, she wore a similar silhouette, but with a girly twist, thanks to the big bow.

The Right Jeans

We think of Zooey as a dress girl, but once in a while, she'll break out a jeans/blazer ensemble. Like here, with her Gigantic castmate Paul Dano, and here, on a TV appearance for Extra. (Note, for extra Zooey-ness, she adds a ladylike bow belt).

Collared Cutie

You knew this slideshow would include a Peter Pan collar, an item which perfectly captures the essence of Zooey's good girl style. In 2007's Flakes, the actress is the poster girl for quirky-cute as Miss Pussy Katz (seriously, that's her character's name). But this was far from her first fling with a collar. In 2005, she wore a similar outfit at an "Alice In Wonderland Mad Tea Party" event for Disney.

Headbands Rule!

The actress/musician tops off both of these buttoned-up looks with headbands. On the left, she's working the awkward/adorable act in The New Girl; on the right, she's showing off her serious side at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Pretty in Purple

Cleavage is not word in of Zooey's fashion dictionary. The raciest she'll get? Bare shoulders. And in these two instances, make that ONE bare shoulder. On the left, she's all prettied up on an episode of her FOX show; on the right, she's hitting the red carpet at 2009's Grammy Awards.

Prints Charming

If there's one celeb we'd love to go thrifting with, it's Zooey. And in both of these floral numbers (the left for her guest-starring role in Weeds; the right for the 2006 Independent Spirt Awards) the star demonstrates her affinity for retro-leaning frocks.