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Fast Fashion's Switch to Sustainable Sources

Until recently, it was more than difficult to find stylish clothing made from sustainable materials. A few higher-priced lines (such as Loomstate or Lutz & Patmos) ruled the market, rendering eco-friendly fashion a luxury rather than a norm. Thanks to the Better Cotton Initiative, that's all about to change.

The Better Cotton Initiative, founded in 2005, regulates farming conditions to ensure that workers are paid and treated fairly. The group also works to minimize the use of pesticides, fertilizer and water, which reduces environmental damage without sacrificing profitability.

Athletic wear company Adidas starting adding organic cotton to their fabrics this summer and hope to make the full switch by 2018. H&M and Marks & Spencer have also started to utilize the crop during production. Both hope to have a 100 percent earth friendly inventory by the year 2020.

Today, affordable denim company Levi's joins the effort: 2 million pairs of Levi's and Denizen jeans, in stores now, are a mix of regular and Better Cotton. The specifically blended pieces are not separately distinguished in order to maintain a lower price point.

“We want to be very patient about it and grow [Better Cotton] over time,” Michael Kobori, Levi’s vice president of social and environmental sustainability, told WWD “The key to that is ensuring the price remains affordable.”

In our opinion, only good things can come from the democratization of organic shopping. Affordable eco concious buys in all natural materials? Kind of a win-win.

Which brand do you hope joins in next?

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