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F-Commerce Launches on Oscar de la Renta's Facebook Page

Thanks to "F-Commerce", all 283,000 Oscar de la Renta Facebook fans can now go shopping without ever closing their newsfeed.

Right now the only item available through the luxury brand's Facebook page is a $65 solid perfume ring, but more items should be added soon. “It’s an experiment for us and it’s an experience that won’t be limited to just this ring," ceo Alex Bolen told WWD. "Over the next six months, we have plans to consistently introduce new products over Facebook."

Although Oscar de la Renta is not alone in marketing products this way (Diane von Furstenberg and Chanel have also dabbled in F-Commerce), they ARE the first to streamline the transaction. Users need not mouse away from their profile; the purchase is seamlessly built into Facebook's infrastructure.

Since we spend an awful lot of time digitally poking our friends and looking for flash sales, we're pretty sure Oscar is going to find a customer in us. How about you? Would you go online shopping through Facebook?

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