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Royal Scent

A fragrance based on the adorably-illustrated French novella? Spray away!

Drizzle Sticks

Armed with this cute umbrella, you might just find yourself hoping for overcast skies.

Character Building

A fine swine, indeed. We think even Moi herself would adore this cherry-red crewneck.

Put a...Mustache On It?

A statement gem in every sense of the word—sans statement price tag.

Fun for Cover

We can hardly bear the thought of braving a rainy day without this wildlife-minded hood.

Sweetie Bird

Necessary? Not in the slightest. Adorable? Abso-lickin'-lutely.

Sketch Comedy

The most fashion-forward school supply set we've ever laid eyes on, no question.

Leave 'em Hanging

A critter-cute way to organize your bags, hats, and jackets.

Sweet Tunes

Eye candy's one thing—but ear candy? It's a new concept, but we're into it.

Monster Mash

More soft n' snuggly than spooky, this DIY kit brings new meaning to the term "creature comforts."

Hop to It

In case you're wondering, the detachable pom-pom tail doubles as a screen cleaner for your smartphone. How's that for practical?

Nest n' Show

They may not be "tech toys," strictly speaking, but they'll definitely liven up your shelves.

Charmed, We're Sure

Venessa Arizaga's our new favorite name in the charm-bracelet game.

Cartoon Network

Delectable and collectible, KidRobot's limited-edition collaboration with Swatch is an animated affair.

Test your style know-how with these playing cards, beautifully illustrated by artist Erin Petson.