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Now she can wear Stella every day of the week.

A bit ridiculous? Yes. Will she love it? Absolutely.

An example of when "getting framed" is a very good thing.

She can attach these cutesy keychains—fashioned after Jack and Lazaro's dogs—to her PS1.

The Italian fashion house's classic hobo style, freshly updated with a playful tassel.

Because who doesn't want a porcelain Lanvin doll sitting on the shelf?

For the dude who appreciates a good heritage brand.

Meet the Mr. Lagerfeld lighter.

Preppy, yet undoubtedly luxe.

The current obsession of every label-obsessed girl in town.

Gucci's iconic horsebit makes this cheery cherry carryall a showstopper.

For the label fiend who says she doesn't care about labels.

Sure, it's a pretty extravagant change purse, but she's pretty extravagant.

Give her a taste of those MJ polka dots.