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Make Your Old Jeans New With Denim Refinery

Sure, distressing your jeans makes for an easy DIY: just add scissors, a splash of bleach and go. But what about turning your denim snakeskin? Waxen? Ombré?

For those trickier procedures, there's Denim Refinery, which transforms lackluster jeans into ulta-covetable ones. Choose your makeover option on their site, then send in a pair of blues (or a denim jacket, skirt, whatever). They'll return it a few weeks later looking totally new, but fitting the same elusively perfect way.

With treatment prices all under $100, Denim Refinery's a happy medium between in-store bespoke jeans (too expensive) and at-home DIY projects (too involved and risky). Plus, the whole idea is just really, really cool.

Below, a few of our favorite makeover options:

Already mentally combing your closet for a pair of jeans to have leopard-ized? Us, too.

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under $100
under $100