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More high tech than hand-me-down, this record player can transfer your entire vinyl collection to your computer. The best of both worlds, no?

Reminiscent of the days when a lady wore gloves not because she was cold, but because she was a lady.

A skinny tie or bowler hat may be a tough sell, so snag him this watch instead. It's mod and clean, but not costume-y.

The metal frame and top handle give this satchel an ultra-structured, feminine feel. Mom would love it—but so would most of your friends.

For a true mid-century moment, mix your cocktail mid-day. (Vodka gimlet at noon? Okay.)

Throw this over a cocktail dress for an outfit Marilyn Monroe would envy.

All the charm of a retro flip clock but with a fresh design.

How to give your decor-obsessed friend a piece of that iconic mid-century furniture, minus the price tag.

A graphic print shift makes an instant, effortless outfit—something any girl on your list would be thankful for.

You may not be able to buy him the vintage sportscar, but you can compromise on this pillow.

Your kids might not believe you, but long ago board games were 3D objects instead of ipad apps.

More enduring and personal than a tie—plus, it's engravable. Betty Draper would approve.