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Wear it to work. Wear it with sneakers. Wear it to a wedding. Wear it to a concert. This simple cardigan is infinitely versatile and so soft and warm he will never want to not wear it.

These are among Swedish label Happy Socks' louder options, but the real draw here is the quality of craftsmanship that goes into making these socks. Plus, it's good to let your freak flag fly every once in a while, even if you only let it peek out between the bottom of your pants and the top of your shoes.

Any guy likes a good baseball cap–Ebbet's Field makes beautiful wool ones emblazoned with the logos of bygone teams—and they sell for a better-than-fair price.

These shining cufflinks will have everyone saying, "You fancy, huh?"

For the guy who doesn't see the need to spend money on a good winter coat. This is the one they secretly want but are too stubborn to buy.

A thick leather bifold wallet is a piece that gets better with time. This specimen is stripped down to the bare essentials: no annoying straps, pokey snaps or plastic windows that get dirty. It's made in the U.S.A. from sturdy English bridle leather, so the lucky recipient may never need to buy another.

A masculine denim dress shirt made from Italian cotton—we love the breezy cutaway collar.

They're called the 1,000 Mile Boot for a reason–after walking all day on the hard concrete, his feet will be thanking you.

A beautifully-made, classic wristwatch is a timeless investment no well-dressed man should be without.

These classic wool hunting caps are stylish and warm.

Clean, modern and nicely priced.

Obviously dapper, and a snap to dress up or down.

This beautiful canvas and bridle leather dopp kit will make him feel like Steve McQueen—and what guy doesn't want to feel like Steve McQueen?

The perfect, chic weekender for those last-minute getaways.

These unpointed ties from The Hill-Side evoke classic American sportswear and they're made from beautiful heritage fabrics–in this case selvedge denim.

This is the stuff of English royalty. He'll feel like a Duke in these.

Men like sharp objects. He'll appreciate this one even more because it was handmade in the land of handmade pocket knives: Germany. The stainless steel blade protects from corrosion and the handle is real stag horn. He'll be proud to show this off to his friends.