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Even in the wake of her split, Kim would leave nagging reporters starry-eyed with this blue enameled treasure.

An affordable right-hander suitable for every day wear.

Irene Neuwirth's precious jewels have a cult following among Hollywood's A-list—and we have little doubt Kim would love this mega-rock.

Red is most definitely Kim K's kolor.

An unconventional choice, sure, but it's a stunning statement-maker we could envision our most recent cover girl wearing at her next red-carpet fête.

Perhaps Kim's fellow stylish celeb Nicole Richie (herself a former reality TV starlet) could offer her pal a few relationship pointers? She sure can design a cute ring!

Love hurts. And with one errant swing of Kim's arm, this ring would too.

This raw amethyst design from one of our favorite vintage purveyors is a true showstopper. Apparently, Kim and Kris' divorce won't stop Kourtney and Kim Take New York from airing as planned, however. Phew.

Crafted from fossilized walrus ivory, this ethically-produced ring was built to last. Unlike, well, you know.

This canary-colored rock would cost Kim only about a third of the price of her engagement ring. Now that's a bargain!