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Style Session: Felicity Jones

The Like Crazy star loves Proenza, Burberry…and one very twisted sketch comedy show.

Since Like Crazy took the Grand Jury prize at Sundance this past January, Felicity Jones has been on a roll. The British actress, who is no stranger to film and television (her most notable role until now was perhaps that of Emma Carter in the long-running English soap The Archers), has not only gotten rave reviews for her performance, but for her outfit choices as well.

And take it from us: the hype is justified. Her portrayal of Anna in the film —which depicts a seven-year long love story between two college students who fall obsessively in love with one another, only to be torn apart—is so gut-wrenchingly real that it doesn’t even seem like she’s acting. (Maybe that’s because the film was improvised and with its small budget, fancy clothing, hair and makeup weren’t an option).

Anyway, we at Lucky never turn down the opportunity to talk to a beautiful, talented, stylish and intelligent Englishwoman…especially one with a soft spot for Robot Chicken and a weakness for Burberry. Read on to hear what Jones has to say for herself.

You went to Oxford. How did your college experience compare to Anna’s?
It was probably a bit different. Anna is so infatuated with Jacob so early on. They become so obsessed with each other that they push out a lot of the rest of the world.

Looking back, what was your favorite college memory?
Oh, I have so many! We did probably the world’s worst play ever. Two of my friends somehow managed to get me to play an 11-year-old boy. I think probably ten people came to see it in two weeks. None of us knew our lines; we had no idea what we were doing—it was pretty disastrous. My character was supposed to have an affair with his nanny. It was very spicy!

Like Crazy is so romantic, even though it’s a troubled romance. Are you pretty optimistic when it comes to love?
I think I’m a little bit more practical than Anna. One of the things I found hardest to understand was why she wrote the scrapbooks of their relationship. I thought it was so passive-aggressive, in a way. You know, that she would record everything and then give this document of their relationship to Jacob. It was probably a lot of pressure on Jacob to respond to that. Yeah, I’m probably a bit more subtle.

You have minimal makeup and pretty undone hair in the movie. Did that give you any trepidation?
The key was to make Anna look as real as possible. I didn’t want her to look as though I’d been in makeup for three hours. And I hate when every hair is in perfect position and you look great even though you’re supposed to have been tired and not slept all night.

Were a lot of the clothes you wore for the role yours?
We went to Jet Rag in L.A. and we bought pretty much all of her outfits from there. I found this picture in the New York Times who had on this green army jacket and had this ’90s look and I just thought ‘Oh, that would be great for Anna,’ and so I used that as a reference.

Is there any outfit you’ve worn recently that you feel really worked?
I have this Proenza Schouler black skirt with stripes on it, and a black top with a collar and I absolutely love that. It’s very graphic. For the red carpet I like things that have a certain boldness and a certain strength to them.

What influences your style? Do you look at blogs? Do you get it from magazines, the street, movies?
Well, I live near Brick Lane in London, which is probably the heart of street fashion, so that can’t help but influence you. And also from films. I love French films like Le Mépris with Brigitte Bardot and Anna Karina in A Woman is a Woman. I love that style, simple but with a bit of an edge.

Any guilty pleasures you can share with us?

Do you know what I’ve been watching? Robot Chicken. Oh my goodness! I keep putting on the TV and that will somehow always be on. I keep catching it just completely randomly, but I think it’s wonderful. And then I hadn’t watched Family Guy properly before and I started watching that and that’s brilliant.

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