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Style Session: Judy Greer

The Descendants’ actress confesses a secret love for “orthopedic” shoes and dishes on the one fashion trend that only supermodels can pull off.

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“I don’t like to act really. I don’t know how to do that,” says Judy Greer, who nonetheless has done something traditionally called “acting” in close to 50 films, ranging from 13 Going on 30 to Love and Other Drugs. “I just think there’s a part of me in every part that I play.” She continues, “You know, I’ve never played like some insane serial killer. I’m sure I could probably conjure up that side of me… like when I have road rage I want to kill everybody in my way!”

Still, based on my 15 minutes with her, it’s pretty impossible to imagine the bubbly actress (who we also loved as Arrested Development’s Kitty) having a dark side. When I enter the room, she literally jumps up and down, hugs me and professes her deep love for Lucky. “I get two issues every month,” she swears. “I subscribe, but then I buy it on the newsstand too because I can’t wait.” For a moment, I contemplate offering her a job here, but then I’d be denying the world of the pleasure of watching her on-screen—which you can do this week in The Descendants (she stars as the wife of the man George Clooney’s now comatose wife was having an affair with). It’s not a huge role, but an impactful one—in other words, classic Judy.

You tend get cast as the quirky sidekick or best friend. Do you mind that?
It’s awesome because I get to do all kinds of fun parts. I get to work with fun people and I get to travel all over and make movies but I can also go to Target and I can also totally experience a town that I’m shooting in.

While filming The Descendants in Hawaii did you get some free time to shop?
In Oahu, I was basically living in a shopping mall. All of the major stores were there right out of my hotel room. From my window I could see Ferragamo. But I had more fun shopping in Kauai because it was more of a beachy setting. I got a really cool t-shirt and I got this great cotton wrap skirt.

What is your everyday uniform?
I wear jeans and I try to buy cute little tops. I don’t do jeans and t-shirts too often. I’m always in a cardigan; sometimes it’s cold in Los Angeles. I love mini-dresses.

Do you have a favorite brand of jeans?

J. Brand. But I have to say the jeans that I have been buying lately are H&M. For whatever reason, they fit me perfectly. I love the price tag and they’re great. And I don’t feel guilty putting them in the washer and dryer like I do when I buy a $200 pair of jeans!

You’re wearing a great necklace now. Where do you buy your accessories?
I buy almost all of my jewelry at J.Crew or at thrift stores when I visit my parents in Ohio, which are a total jackpot. I think I could make a living thrifting in Ohio and reselling it in LA.

In there any fashion trend that you’re sick of that you want to go away?
Leggings. I think I’m about done with them. I didn’t jump on that bandwagon this time around because I did it the first time. When I see leggings as pants, I think, not so much. I like a tunic-y dress over footless tights more than I like leggings and a long shirt. Unless you’re like a supermodel, I just don’t think they’re flattering.

Is there any trend you’d really like to see come back?
I’m happy that it’s kind of coming back: the boot-cut jean.

Do you shop online?
I’m trying to limit myself because it can get a little crazy. But I love J. Crew. I love Net-a-Porter for ideas and Shopbop is good. There’s a website called Buddy’s Moccasins in Florida. It’s got weird orthopedic shoes that I’m kind of obsessed with it.

You’re doing a web series for Yahoo called Reluctantly Healthy. What inspired you to do that?
I pitched Yahoo myself because I basically wanted someone else to pay for me to get advice from a trainer and a chef and a health consultant. I’m really busy and I know the idea of being an actress is a really glorified. People are like, ‘oh, they have tons of money and they have trainers and chefs and all this stuff’ and that’s totally not the case for me. If I eat a lot of food, I get fat. If I don’t exercise, I get fat. I’m just like everyone else. So I thought it’s be cool to do a little web series where I get to talk to people and ask them three things they do to stay healthy or have a chef teach me a couple recipes that I can handle so I’m not constantly ordering takeout or driving by the Taco Bell, which I love!

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