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What Your Favorite Childhood Toy Says About Your Adult Style

Personal style is a slow evolution, born from a melding of cultural references and instinct.

We like to think we started perfecting our look long before we knew (or cared!) about the season's trends. When life was all about the toy du jour.

The trinkets we showed up with on the playground—and wished for during the holidays—say a lot about what we prefer now in the fashion department.

Click through the slideshow below to decipher what your favorite childhood toy says about your adult style:

A Christian Louboutin Pump

Your Style Then: Pink, pink and more pink. Sometimes you'd throw in a little lavender, but just because it looked so pretty against the pink!

Your Style Now: Girlish gone Femme Fatale. You've grown out of your My Size Barbie princess dress and into a body-con sheath and Louboutin stilettos.

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