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Favorite Toy: Barbie Dolls

Barbie owners come in two types: recreational and hard-core. Even if you spent your younger years with chronically skinned knees and a soccer ball in tow, chances are at least one willowy plastic figurine resided in the toybox.

The latter—aka obsessives—are probably still incredibly into dressing up.

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Your Style Then: Pink, pink and more pink. Sometimes you'd throw in a little lavender, but just because it looked so pretty against the pink!
Your Style Now: Girlish gone Femme Fatale. You've grown out of your My Size Barbie princess dress and into a body-con sheath and Louboutin stilettos.

Favorite Toy: Littlest Pet Shop

When you were't holding court with your plastic menagerie, we're willing to bet you spend you time reading Black Beauty and watching Free Willy. You had to give up your childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian after refusing to dissect a frog in biology class, but still volunteer monthly at the local ASPCA.

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Your Style Then: If it was cute, fluffy or (wonder of wonders!) BOTH, you were wearing it. You paraded the halls of school in leopard print sweaters and paw-printed sweatpants while scribbling away in your Lisa Frank notebook. You also loved Halloween for making it socially acceptable to dress up in a big furry bear suit.
Your Style Now: Compassionate chic. Just become you love animals doesn't mean you want to dress exactly like one. You love Stella McCartney for her stylish vegan options and you nearly cried with joy when Ricardo Ticci sent those jaguar hats down the Givenchy runway (some things never change).

Favorite Toy: Skip-It

It's not that you didn't like playing dolls or board games, it was just difficult to sit still for that long. You were one of those naturally athletic girly-girls who hip-hopped her way from gymnastics star to dance caption.

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Your Style Then: Stretchy and sparkly were par for the course on every team you joined. Off-duty, you traded the leotard and glitter for fitted denim and sequined peasant tops. Always on the move, you topped each look off with a pair of kicky Keds.
Your Style Now: Forget the midi and maxi trend, you want to show off those 7am pilates sessions! Isabel Marant is pretty much a hero in your book: she consistently turns out the best mini skirts on the market. You still own a pair of immaculately white tennis shoes but aren't above sliding into a some YSL tributes now and then.

Favorite Toy: American Girl Dolls

Personal style when you were eight-years-old had way more to do with the Pleasant company than a trip to the local mall. Sure, there was always that one girl in class with the loaded grandmother who bought her every American Girl doll (aka coolest girl in the third grade). But, if you were anything like us, choices had to be made. Am I pretty and proper like Samantha? Spunky like Molly? Swedish (like Kirsten, duh!)?

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Your Style Then: If you had your druthers you would have spent everyday in your live size American girl costume, complete with matching petticoats. Since your mom nipped that one in the bud, you stuck to cute and functional leggings and oversize t-shirts. Best to stay comfortable in case you had to deliver a secret message or ride a horse bareback or something.
Your Style Now: Classic with a twist. Even a white t-shirt and jeans looks fresh thanks to your expert accessorizing. Nothing says "I'm the star of my own book" like the addition of a statement necklace and sparkle Miu Miu booties.

Favorite Toy: Nintendo

Your parents tried to tempt you with Polly Pocket and glitter puffy paints, but the siren song of your brother's Game Boy was just too strong. Think it's hard to get tickets to the Marc Jacobs runway show? Try beating the last level of Zelda!

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You Style Then: Oversized football pinneys stolen from the pee-wee team and basketball shorts. Just add scuffed up Chucks and a nonchalant ponytail for the full-on tomboy effect. Your classmates could count on their fingers the number of times they saw you (miserably) stuffed into a dress.  
Your Style Now: Sloppy sporty goes sleek! You already had the effortless thing down pat, so no need to fix what isn't broken. Simply trade the messy hair for a slicked back bun and the oversize jerseys for streamlined, surfer cool silhouettes.