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10 REALLY Last-Minute Gift Ideas

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You're a procrastinator. You're not organized. You haven't even begun to think about what you're getting Mom for Christmas/Hanukkah/Christmakuh.

But that's okay. This list of last-minute gift suggestions requires minimal effort on your part. Just get it over with. We know you can do it!

1. Gift Card. For women, try Madewell or J.Crew. For men, try J.Crew or Amazon. You can even send it via email if you don't want to go to the mall today.

2. An Experience. Tickets to a concert, entrance to a cooking class, a spa treatment voucher or a flying lesson; anything goes. If you choose something he's been dying to do, he'll think you really "get" him.

3. Stationery. Stop by Paper Source or your local card shop. Stare at the stationery until you find something that complements her personal aesthetic. If you have a couple of hours, get it monogrammed. If you don't, she'll still think you're very thoughtful.

4. Dinner! For the food nerd, nothing is better than setting a date for an epic meal at A. his favorite restaurant or B. a restaurant that's difficult to get into. Think you don't have enough connections to make a reservation happen? Try harder. Ask everyone you know and ask desperately. Someone will pull through.

5. Cash. Because that's what the kids really want.

6. iPad Case. A cool-looking iPad cover is great for a coworker/friend/relative with whom you aren't emotionally involved but want to impress. Everyone from Target to Bottega Veneta makes cute ones.

7. iPad. No one is going to complain about getting an iPad. Presents like these are especially good if the recipient is currently mad at you about something trivial.

8. Grey Felt Wool Anything. Coasters. Scarves. Jackets. Handbags. Grey felt wool is design-y and cool. Husbands/boyfriends particularly like it.

9. Diamond Studs. They don't have to be crazy expensive. (We found this awesome pair at Kohl's.) They just have to be real diamonds. This is pretty much the only jewelry you can buy and be absolutely sure that she'll like it.

10. Of the Month Club Membership. Even if it's something she doesn't particularly want, the novelty goes a long way.

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