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Confirmed: Alice Dellal Is Chanel's Newest Muse

Fairchild Archive

So apparently, those rumors are true: Alice Dellal is indeed Chanel's newest muse. And we're actually, actively excited.

Unlike those times when the model casting seems to matter as much to the designer as, say, the catering on set, Alice's appointment totally dictates the campaign's direction.

With her half-shaved head and nose ring, the model/drummer is an obvious (and kind of amazing) foil to Chanel's polished aesthetic. She makes the clothes look instantly younger—and even a teeny bit subversive—just by tossing them on her body. As much as we loved the house's past ultra-glam muses like Keira Knightley, they couldn't quite do that.

The full campaign unrolls in March 2012, but in the meantime, peep this sneak peek below. Clearly, Karl's embracing Alice's grungy hair, heavy makeup and icy glare— and so are we. (Also, how great is it that he wears his signature gloves even while taking photographs?)

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