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America's Next Top Model All Stars: What Happened to Angelea?

Nikos Papadopoulos/Pottle Productions via cw.com

Lisa D'Amato (left) and Angelea Preston

Model obsessives must be in heaven this week: two world famous competitions have announced their winners over the span of two days. Tuesday, the renowned Elite Model Look Contest crowned a 15 year old from Gävle, Sweden as their top contender. Now, as of last night, Tyra Banks has thrown her pick for "America's Next Top Model All-Star" into the ring, Lisa D'Amato.

In what might be the most controversial episode ever, Lisa was chosen after a mysterious announcement from the judging panel that one of her fellow contestants, Angelea Preston, was disqualified for undisclosed reasons. (C'mon, throw us a bone here Tyra!) Rumors are already swirling around the web that the reason for Angelea's dismissal was a breach of contract; she disclosed confidential information about the show before it aired on the CW.

Although there is no official statement from the network confirming this, we sort of assume that if this is the case, Preson must have been the first winner. Otherwise why would company go through the trouble of re-shooting the ending? Either way, what do you guys think about the final verdict? Are you glad to see Lisa come out on top and do you think she will have any longevity as a working model? Or is the whole thing, as Fashionista speculates this morning, just totally rigged?

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