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Burton Girls New Site Is Not Just For Boarders

So the Burton Girls site has been up for a while now. Even if you're not a boarder by any stretch of the imagination—I am one in my own mind, even though I've never been snowboarding, I've only been wakeboarding once and the only thing me and my friends do with skateboards is put Celine prints on them—you should still read this site! It's not even just about all that.

My favorite section is the beauty, where I was surprised to see one of my favorite models Noot Seer giving tips on how to work out without realizing it; obviously my kind of work out. Which is so not very athletic and Burton-like of me to admit. (I dressed Noot for the Alexander Wang show—spring '07—true story). Or how about some travel advice from top snowboarder Joy Brant? She once told me that she knows some dope secret snowboarding spots.

So there's style, beauty and some travel from a cool girl's point of view. Cool girls only. Duh. And can one of these Burton girls take me boarding already? I've got a Marc by Marc snowboarding jacket that is just dying to hit the slopes.

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