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Fashion Inkblots: Your Inner Psyche Revealed!

You might not think that fashion and psychoanalysis have much in common, but we disagree. After spotting multiple abstractly printed pieces on the market, we started to question: what does it all mean?

The original Rorschach inkblot test showed us that the season's cerebral designs might provide more than just a cute new outfit. Click through the slideshow below for five blotted pieces that reveal your inner psyche.

Do you see:
1. Veins and muscle tendons?
You have a depth of emotions building up inside of you and prefer to keep them that way. It's very hard for you to say no to people.

2. A forest?
Since you are even tempered and kind-hearted, a diverse range of people will always flock to you.

3. Splashing waves?
You often put others ahead of yourself and find yourself apologizing constantly.

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