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Fashion Inkblots: Your Inner Psyche Revealed!

You might not think that fashion and psychoanalysis have much in common, but we disagree. After spotting multiple abstractly printed pieces on the market, we started to question: what does it all mean?

The original Rorschach inkblot test showed us that the season's cerebral designs might provide more than just a cute new outfit. Click through the slideshow below for five blotted pieces that reveal your inner psyche.


Do you see:
1. Veins and muscle tendons?
You have a depth of emotions building up inside of you and prefer to keep them that way. It's very hard for you to say no to people.

2. A forest?
Since you are even tempered and kind-hearted, a diverse range of people will always flock to you.

3. Splashing waves?
You often put others ahead of yourself and find yourself apologizing constantly.


Do you see:
1. Flying birds?
Friends would describe you as an "extremist;" you suffer from severe mood swings and either care too much or not enough. Also, you aspire to live a luxurious lifestyle.

2. Crawling bugs?
Achievement is what you do best. A natural born worker, you always accomplish your goals.

3. Accessories, like sunglasses or bras?

Appearance is a constant preoccupation for you; at events you tend to overdress.


Do you see:
1. A butterfly spreading it's wings?
You are a social creature and a regular fixture on the party circuit. Although you can be rather aloof at times, your presence is rarely witnessed without an entourage.

2. A cloaked lady?
Wit and a dark sense of humor both intimates and entices your peers. Secretly you are a little self conscious so you use these gifts to cope in awkward occasions.

3. A cuddly doll?

When times get tough, you revert to hold habits and get overly nostalgic for your past.


Do you see:
1. Cacti?
Always up for a challenge, you are a strong and determined individual. Friends and family depend on you to be extra tough in stressful situations.  

2. White carp fish?
Your body thrives under a strict schedule and your mind craves clear cut rules. When it comes to communication, the more direct people are, the better.

3. Ghostly figures?

Despite your great ambitions, you struggle with putting your ideas into motion. Often you fear that the final product won't match up to the high standards you've set.


Do you see:
1. Faces?
Your overwhelming personality commands every situation. You don't change for anyone, which means that people are usually scrambling to accommodate your wishes.

2. Bird eggs?
Always the caregiver, your overly maternal instinct often leads you to forget your own needs. You don't ever feel comfortable as the center of attention.

3. Paw Prints?
Extreme loyalty makes you cling to toxic relationships for much longer than you need to. It's difficult for you to see anything but good in other people.

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