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Getting Crafty at FEED's Holiday Fête

Last night, John and I joined Lauren Bush Lauren and the whole FEED Projects team for a little festive eggnog and DIY'ing at their downtown offices. In light of the holiday season, the charitable company's launched a campaign called "12 Days, 12 Ways to FEED," unveiling daily products that support a wide variety of causes. We particularly loved the brightly woven FEED Guatemala pouches and totes (which benefits the United Nations World Food Programme), the gorgeous embellished FEED 1,000 clutches (a collaboration with Judith Leiber that provides 1,000 underprivileged children with school lunches), and the cuddly FEED 5 teddy bear (sales of which supply five starving children with a lifesaving nutrient paste). And those beaded FEED Kenya bangles would make for perfect stocking stuffers—slipped, of course, into a FEED Joy stocking in the company's signature burlap.

After walking through the advent-calendar-style lineup of philanthropic goodies, we had a chance to decorate some totes and pouches of our very own. Time to break out the BeDazzlers and glue guns! John showed the FEED crew some Lucky love with his creation (above), while I used colorful pom-poms to turn my tote into a creation Nicki Minaj might love (see below).

Check out feedprojects.com to follow the "12 Days, 12 Ways to FEED" initiative and pick up some gifts you can truly feel good about. Puff paints and iron-on appliqués aren't included, but the gesture of goodwill certainly is.

Courtesy of FEED

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