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Gift Guide: Shop for the One Percent

Is your friend sailing on a sea of diamonds in a boat drawn by dolphins wearing couture? Then this is the gift guide for you! So grab your bag of gold, call your driver and/or helicopter pilot and let's go shopping.



Tiffany Soleste yellow diamond ring

Not just any diamond though, a canary diamond. Regular diamonds might give your super-rich friend the wrong idea.



PS1 Large Crocodile

Your friend already has that croc backpack from The Row, but that's only one kind of bag, duh. Head over to Barneys and snag this supersize croc PS1.


Arm Party? No, Arm Gala.

Collier de Chien

The Arm Party is officially a "thing," but you know that. We're gonna have to get a little more fancy if we're shopping for the one percent. Let's take this party to Met Gala levels with Hermès. Afterwards, you can pawn it and buy a Range Rover!


Bon Voyage, yo!

Surprise, we're going to Paris!

Tuck in a pair of plane tickets and a note written on solid gold paper that says, "Baby, I love you, we're going to Paris in a jet full of diamonds and monkey butlers!"

Before you know it you'll be checking into La Suite Impériale at the Shangri-La Paris, arguably one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Rest easy knowing your $15,000+/night was well-spent: you're sleeping in the former private apartments of Roland Bonaparte.    


Fashion Koozies!

Jimmy Choo Rika

You're using paper sleeves for your Starbucks!? What kind of a person are you?! Get out of my sight or I shall release the hounds!



Say it with Flowers

International Flower Show Tour Arranged by JetWay Private Air Fantasy Gift

When a simple bouquet with an honest card won't do, buy a trip for nine of your closest super-rich friends and hit the flower shows of Europe! Hope you don't have allergies.


Chanel Wipes

Chanel Le Coton

Bring the finest in French design to the bathroom.

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